For nearly half a century, Mulcahy Nickolaus has been an industry leader in drywall, plastering, exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS), and fireproofing.

Our experienced and qualified team is ready to work on everything from small, elaborate projects to large, complex developments. Not only do we invest in high-quality personnel, tools and equipment – we have established the best and most proficient processes to ensure efficiency and cost-savings for you.

We have created an excellent reputation among our clients, architects, and regulatory agencies and are looking forward to providing you with the best service possible.

Services We Provide:

·      Metal stud framing systems (interior and exterior light gauge metal framing)

·      Metal stud truss installation

·      Panelizing prefabricated walls

·      Insulation, air, and vapor retarders

·      Gypsum, wallboard hanging, taping, and texturing

·      Lathing

·      Plastering

·      Stucco

·      Exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS)

·      Spray applied fireproofing

When packaged with our wall and ceiling contracting services, we provide: installing backing and blocking, door frames, doors, hardware, cabinets, counter tops, toilet partitions and accessories, trim, and FRP.

Commercial Construction Specialties:

·      Industrial and office buildings

·      Tenant improvement

·      Shopping centers

·      Retail

·      Educational facilities

·      Hospitals

·      Religious institutions

·      Sports stadiums and arenas

·      Condominiums and high-rise apartments

·      Hotels and hospitality

·      Restorations and remodels

No matter how big or small the project, we have the experience and team to do the job right. We have worked on many of the highest profile projects using cutting edge wall system construction while delivering your completed project on time and within budget.

We do panelized and hand-framed light gauge exterior curtain wall construction and interior drywall partitions, ceilings, and soffits.

By assisting and collaborating with owners, developers, design professionals, and general contractors in the planning, design, development, budgetary, bidding, and construction phases we are able to ensure you get exactly what you need, at a fair price.

Plastering is an art. At Mulcahy Nickolaus, we employ some of the most highly skilled plaster, venetian plaster, historic restoration, and stucco artisans in the area. Many of our plasters are 2nd and 3rd generation who have learned, and perfected, their skills from an accomplished parent or grandparent. In addition to our experienced and proficient workforce, we possess the tools and equipment to achieve beautiful, functional, and durable results.

Whether it be traditional three-coat plaster over metal lath, a two-coat veneer plaster, or any of the new exciting boutique finishes offered, our plasterers will create the precise look you envision and desire.

Exterior Plaster Exterior stucco systems produce the highest-strength exterior wall systems possible and we have widespread and extensive experience in new and retrofit stucco applications. Applications including large hi-rise construction, office and commercial buildings, hotels, religious institutions, and medical and educational facilities.

As with all our wall systems, we can assist in all phases of a plastering project ­– planning, design development, budgetary, bidding, and construction.

Since Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) has been introduced to the industry, Mulcahy Nickolaus has been in the forefront on this style of construction.

We offer owners, developers, and designers a flexible and energy efficient wall cladding system, and can install EIFS in an endless range of appealing finishes to fulfill almost any design or aesthetic intent imaginable.

We install EIFS in a range of construction types, from hi-rise buildings to small retail and office structures. Our experienced project management team works with our highly trained union workforce to deliver EIFS to meet, and exceed, even the most demanding project specifications.

Whatever the application may be, we have the tools and experience required to get the job done correctly, safely, and on time. By working hand-in-hand with well respected and experienced EIFS manufacturers and suppliers, we ensure only the highest quality on every project we work on.

Fireproofing can be a matter of life and death and as an owner, developer, or contractor we know you want to entrust safety issues to the experts in the field.

Over the last 30 years, we have refined our expertise in successful fireproofing installations. With a skilled workforce, the right equipment, and the backing of the world’s largest and most reputable manufacturers, we ensure each project is excellently completed the first time.

Mulcahy Nickolaus has years of experience in interpreting complicated building codes, UL designs, and hourly rating requirements specified by design professionals. We are certified WR Grace Monokote products and Isolatek Cafco products installers. These strengths allow us to produce only the highest quality results that are delivered to specification while complying with code, on time and within budget.

We offer a multitude of services to owners, developers, design professionals, and general contractors throughout the construction process and are able to assist in any and all phases of a project. Including project planning, value engineering, design development, budgetary, bidding, and construction.

Looking for painting services as well? You’re in luck! In 2022, Mulcahy Nickolaus sought out what was ’Superior’ and completed an asset sale with Superior Painting & Decorating, Inc. The sale brought in the entire SPD team to join forces with MN in providing our clients with the best drywall, painting and wallcovering division in the industry! So, there is no need to go through the hassle of having to research and hire different companies for your service needs.  

Superior Painting & Decorating, Inc. has proudly provided quality commercial work in the Twin Cities Metro area and throughout Minnesota for over 30 years, and Mulcahy Nickolaus intends to do the same. As skilled craftsmen in the commercial painting and wallcovering industry, we have built a reputation for quality performance in all areas of wall finishes: taping, painting, (including specialty coatings) and wallcovering installation. 

Our project history is broad in terms of size and scope. Whether new construction of a multi-story structure, retail space, or small office remodel, the operations and project management teams are accustomed to meeting project-specific needs including timeline, safety requirements, and all job-related goals. All delivered with the quality of workmanship labeled as “EXCELLENT” is what sets Mulcahy Nickolaus apart from the competition. 

Architectural wall cladding systems provide decorative accent to a building while protecting your building against the exterior elements. Whether you are constructing a new building or renovating an existing façade Mulcahy Nickolaus has the expertise for all your wall system needs.

We understand the complexity of exterior wall assemblies and work with the manufacturers, design teams, general contractors, and owners to ensure we are providing a quality product that will last for years to come.

Below are some of the different systems we can provide:

  • Nichiha Architectural Wall Panels
  • Phenolic Wall Panels
  • Insulated Metal Panels
  • Swiss Pearl
  • ACM
  • MCM
  • Fiber Cement Siding
  • Vinyl Siding